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The why, what and how to support your Sales team most effectively; the rationale, guidelines and practical implementation of B2B Lead Generation and Lead Qualification strategies are successful when the business understandings are translated into practical and measurable programs. Learn from the experience documented in these articles how truly effective your sales team can be and how you can justify marketing spend and measure ROI.

When Qualifying Leads from WEBforms – Time is of the essence

A prompt response to answering a phone inquiry is a must. Same as when you are responding to a live chat request. Certainly if you intend to maximize your inquiry to lead conversion ratios. But, what happens when someone fills in a WEBform? 

What’s eti’s “secret sauce?”

We thought we’d share a list of some of the key ingredients that go into making ETI’s solution extraordinary. Remember however, as with any recipe it’s how you mix the ingredients - and in what quantities - that will determine whether the dish is truly special. 

New Customer Acquisition in Tough Times. 4 Positive Sales Boosting Ideas

Do the bean counters have you running for the hills … cutting back on all your marketing expenditures? Are results from your current marketing and promotional activities falling? Do you have a tough times strategy in place?

Get 4 Sales Boosting Ideas in Tough Times New Customer Acquisition in Tough Times.

What Costs Less, Costs More

Which is more important? Cost per impression? Cost per click? Cost per inquiry? Cost per hour? Cost per lead? Actually, it's none of these. Find out what matters most in evaluating the cost of new customer acquisition

Maximizing Sales Productivity

Great salespeople focus on near-term opportunities and on closing deals. Their success is in recognizing ripe opportunities when they see them. These same characteristics, however, can cause them to devalue longer term opportunities. Tell me more about maximizing my sales.

How to Generate Leads Your Sales Force Will Love

In the same way a climber ascending Mount Everest needs oxygen to get to the top, every business needs new customers to stay in business. Without enough oxygen, the climber will falter, and without new customers and new sales, so may your business. To progress and grow your business learn how to generate high quality sales leads.

Leads don't sell. Only sales people do.

Lead generation efforts are focused on identifying and qualifying high grade selling opportunities for the sales force. But they are just that, genuine sales opportunities, not order-taking situations. Learn more about how to give your salespeople the best chance to close sales.

Why ETI Lead Qualification Services Increases Sales Productivity

There is nothing more disheartening and demotivating to good salespeople then sending them out on wild goose chases. There's nothing more costly than having them making fruitless sales calls. Learn how we can help you increase your sales productivity.

Sales Lead Nurturing - A Relationship Building Process

Your marketing database, contains leads in the form of inquiries, suspects and prospects from a variety of sources. But, in fact, 80 or 90% are not yet qualified. 

Sales Lead Management: How Effectively Are You Managing Your Valuable Leads?

Not all sales leads are born equal. They vary with regard to cost of acquisition and sales potential. But they all represent an investment you've made in growing your sales. So, it is important that each of your valuable leads is managed correctly. Learn more about how to manage your sales leads effectively.

Does Outsourcing Account Management Make Sense for your Company?

Your customers are the lifeblood of your company. Of course no two customers are alike and managing relationships with each must naturally differ. How well you succeed will significantly impact your bottom line.

Surveys Done Right

Every opportunity to “touch” an existing customer or a prospective client offers the chance to extend your brand and the breadth of your relationship. If that touch is warm and friendly and offers substance to the recipient, it has greater merit.

Creating Positive Long Term Customer Relationships

Making new customers is the front-end strategy. Holding on to customers is the back-end. The positive benefits of longer term customer relationships result from longer term buying. For surely the customer who stays with you for 4 years will spend more if he departs after only 2 years. It also costs less to “caress” and retain a customer than to win him back. Outsourcing this work is a practical way to ensure that customers are called periodically to inquire about the state of the existing relationship. And specifically to find out what your company can do to correct a wrong (if something has gone wrong). Or to listen to a complaint and promise to investigate it. Or to hear a suggestion and promise to return with an answer. Making it clear to the customer throughout the discussion that what matters his satisfaction.

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