Creating Positive Long Term Customer Relationships

Benefits of Outsourcing Account Management

Making new customers is the front-end strategy. Holding on to customers is the back-end. The positive benefits of longer term customer relationships result from longer term buying. For surely the customer who stays with you for 4 years will spend more if he departs after only 2 years. It also costs less to “caress” and retain a customer than to win him back. Outsourcing this work is a practical way to ensure that customers are called periodically to inquire about the state of the existing relationship. And specifically to find out what your company can do to correct a wrong (if something has gone wrong). Or to listen to a complaint and promise to investigate it. Or to hear a suggestion and promise to return with an answer. Making it clear to the customer throughout the discussion that what matters his satisfaction.

Creating Bonds to Last a Lifetime

Making lifetime customers requires manifold bonding. Product, quality, and pricing aside, it requires that every customer contact, by every employee, should be positive and customer friendly. From the way the telephone is answered to the way the product is sold - and delivered - requires developing trust and demonstrating a positive friendly attitude along the entire chain of interpersonal relationships.

Should Salespeople Manage Their Own Accounts?

Once a prospect becomes a new customer, reordering is affected by his opinion of your company, the quality of your service and the sale of your product. The quality of your service and product are the consequence of the efficiency of your overall organization and its marketing capability. Delivering high quality services to marginal accounts represent an administrative problem which does not inherently need to be managed in-house. Experience has proven that this work segment can be outsourced to an experienced, service-focused, sales support vendor such as ETI Sales Support.

Inherent value of ETI's Business Developers

Your sales force is one of the main assets of your business. Its essential task is to produce more sales from existing customers, and to acquire new customers. While many companies accept that salespersons must service their best accounts, it is not essential for them to fulfill this task personally to marginal and distant customers. This is a cyclical task which can be effectively outsourced at lower cost.

ETI employs mature Business Developers who have the experience and the discipline to make regular, friendly, cordial contact business calls. Successfully and at lower cost.This is because the value of a salesperson’s time is never measured as a cost per hour whereas this is ETI's criterion when charging for our Business Developers’ time and acumen.

Business Developers preferred to clerks, secretaries

Continued personal contact is a never-ending sales and business necessity. It is not a task which can be successfully delegated to secretaries or clerks. In eti’s concept it requires high caliber Business Developers. It is necessary to reiterate that we are talking mainly of the smaller or distant accounts which do not warrant the personal attention of the regular salesperson. How these accounts are defined or selected is of course, a managerial decision.

Outsourcing Customer Care Cuts Costs

Basic to the implementation of high quality customer service and effective account management is technology, which usually involves heavy spending. From upgrading telephone systems, to computers, to programs and trouble-shooting, the costs come high and the urgency is always pressing.

ETI Sales Support maintains a highly sophisticated computer system to manage, update and control the accounts delegated to us for special care. Outsourcing this important task to ETI will also improve customer service and sales by freeing up the sales force much needed sales productivity.

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