Client Retention and Growth

See article: Creating Positive Long Term Customer Relationships

The main objective is naturally to increase growth by selling more to current accounts and to retain every customer as a lifetime purchaser.  Gaining an expanded share of wallet comes from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Bear in mind also that satisfied buyers are often a source of new contacts and valuable referrals.

Suppliers have a need to acquire new customers and to uncover and to satisfy their latent needs. At the same time they must also deal with the regular demands of current accounts. This could be a stretch for most sales organizations.

Although suppliers are well aware of the need to retain existing customers’ loyalty this area suffers frequent neglect because of inexperience and lack of a proven program for retaining customers’ loyalty. Suppliers these days have learned to rely on outsourced professionals (such as ETI Sales Support) to follow through on inquiries and leads instead of burdening the sales force with this aspect.

For some time now ETI has undertaken complementary responsibility for managing customer loyalty and retention programs. This has come about because most salespersons don’t see it as part of their job. We certainly see it as ours and the good news is that we have become very professional and successful in providing loyalty and retention services.

ETI’s Customized Client Retention Services:

  • ETI helps your sales force close more business by thoroughly qualifying leads and providing tools for you to manage them efficiently
  • ETI ensures no sales opportunity is lost by building a Sales Opportunity Pipeline and nurturing the sales leads therein to maturity.
  • ETI enhances the success of your salespersons by capturing and providing valuable market intelligence through probing, person-to-person consultations.
  • ETI Increases response rates from leads generated by your marketing programs.

Account Management

Sales people who are great at interacting with regular customers and bringing in new ones are not always best at nurturing , maintaining or revitalizing stale accounts. ETI's Account Revitalizing Service combines cyclical communications, probing discussions, and other support functions to ensure you don’t miss every opportunity to deepen relationships, and to prevent attrition in second tier accounts.

Up Sell/Cross Sell

ETI's Business Developers are as skilled in building confidence and probing for latent needs as they are in qualifying new prospects. We will aid your sales team to grow your market share by helping to expand your contacts. And helping prospective new clients to better understand your solutions. We always probe for additional needs and requirements – and nurture new clients to buy more.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs aren’t just “frequent flyer/ buyer” programs. They can lead to BIG business. Harvard Business Review states: “raising customer retention rates by only 5% increases sales by 25-85%“. Let ETI prove you too will benefit from a more successful managed loyalty program. Increased sales can morph into BIG business for you!

Channel Management and Motivation

Through expertly and creatively planned, cyclical “touch” campaigns, ETI will keep your products “top of mind” among your channel partners, manufacturer’s reps, or Value Added Resellers. Our ability to position your products and cultivate relationships ensures you will gain the most from your partner relationships.

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