The importance of the fulfillment note

Have you gone to a website … filled in a form to request further information on a product or service?  I have. In fact yesterday I went to a website that offered a solution I had an interest in purchasing and wanted pricing information.  When I clicked on the link it required me to fill out a detailed form – which I was happy to do.

I then received the following email:

“We have received your email message with the subject:

“Pricing Plan Information Request

“If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please send your message again.

“Thank you,” Company Name

What a turn off.  Can you believe the last sentence?  They want me to get back to them if they could not be bothered to call me or send me the requested information.  Give me a break - their chances of getting my business are zilch, zero.

Here at ETI we primarily deliver outsourced lead generation and lead qualification solutions for clients. So we also often get what I call the dreaded ‘Send me more information’ request.  Generally speaking we recognize this is an attempt to get our Business Developer off the phone and we introduce some subtle responses to control the conversation and guide into a more meaningful direction.

However, that being said it is certainly necessary at times to send out information via email and it’s essential to do this professionally to move the prospect closer to the point where he or she may be ready to engage.  It certainly should not be done in a way that turns the prospect off!

Here are some rules we suggest you follow:

  1. Use plain text rather than HTML.
  2. Personalize.  Dear Mike or Dear Mr. Falkson is far more effective than impersonal mail that starts out ‘We have received your email message on the subject . . .”
  3. To ensure readership use a meaningful subject title which will be instantly recognized as relating to the discussion that motivated your email fulfillment.
  4. Be comprehensive.  The tendency to be very brief could be unproductive whereas longer but relevant personalized email (as also in personalized direct mail) is more effective.
  5. Add links to relevant content that help make your case.  Don’t include any that are not directly applicable.
  6. Maintain interest.  Suggest you’ll follow up with in the next day or so.  Include a direct line for the prospect to call you.
  7. The signatory must be a person with a name and a title.  Must be someone the prospect can reach out to via email or phone.

Some further guidelines:

  1. You need to track (if possible) email opens.  (Only possible from html email).
  2. You do need to track every click through and link it back to your prospect records in the CRM system.  In fact you may want to develop dynamic triggers that alert your Business Developers and other salesforce participants of the prospect’s click throughs and the content accessed.  Furthermore integration into a lead nurturing process can be extremely lucrative.�
    1. Develop metrics to calculate how many people converted into high level or regular sales prospects after receiving your email.
    2. Metrics should also enable tracking click through conversions.
    3. Consider hiring a free lance professional copywriter. Effective copy is at the heart of the matter and should be well worth the investment.

At ETI we take care of our client’s email fulfillment emails as part of our service.

We’ll be happy to talk to you about improving your sales lead generation and qualification programs. Call us at 1.800.466.4384 (914.747.3030) for more information.

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