High Quality Business Development is a Collaborative Process

We strongly believe that the relationship between our Business Developers (BDs) and the sales people who are our ultimate customers is essential to the success of a lead generation / lead qualification effort.  A vital element in this relationship is the need to foster bi-directional communication as a regular discipline. Remember, the goal of your ETI business development team is not to just set appointments and let you battle it out on your own.  We want to be in your corner because we share a collective responsibility to see every sales opportunity through to the close of the first sale and the acquisition of a new customer. 

We know full well that the sales opportunity pipeline (and the prospect pipeline) is a fluid, dynamic process.  That clarifies the essential difference between us and other lead generation companies.  In short, we prefer to be your partner, not your vendor.  Here then is one of the realities that makes ETI so markedly different from our competitors.  We have little interest in a hands-off relationship.

Specifically, this is what we want you, as a client, to know:

  • If you have a question or concern we want to hear it.  Please call us to discuss as often as you wish.
  • If you need more information about any qualified prospect submitted to you, please let us know.  We’ll call the prospect again and probe that topic for you.
  • If you feel you’d like a particular individual on the prospect’s side to be in on the appointment, tell us – we’ll do our best to arrange it for you.
  • If you have made an initial call and feel it would be better to have ETI hold onto the prospect and move them further along or nurture them until ready, that’s what we’ll gladly do for you.

And more.  Just whatever occurs to you – call us.

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