How Voice to Text and Artificial Intelligence might help in Business Development / Sales

ETI has always been on the cutting edge of integrating and innovating the use of technology in our sales support and lead pipeline development operations.

With this in mind we continue to explore what applications might ETI deploy to maximize the abilities of its Business Developers (BD’s) as they engage in conversations with clients’ prospects to identify sales lead opportunities.

At ETI our approach to guiding business development conversations is to provide BD’s with a series of prompts (call guides) - many times consisting of profiling and sales lead qualifying questions that motivates prospects to open up and engage in a conversation about their business, their needs, their pain and problems as well as current solutions (if any) used.   

So letting our minds wander we started thinking about if we could provide an additional information layer to the BD - as the conversation progresses - by (machine) listening - in real time - for keywords or phrases and then using artificial intelligence to popup related information or prompts to help guide the conversation more effectively?

For example:

  • Prompt/suggest the BD with follow up questions
  • Display competitive information with how our client’s solution could deliver better results
  • Popup relevant content giving the BD a better way to respond to certain questions and or objections
  • When a question is asked (maybe a technical one) our BD can have real time access on how to respond; we can offer either additional ideas - or better still - because technical questions are often times buying signals we can arrange for an expert (or salesperson) to follow up and answer the question and move the conversation forward
  • And this is just the tip of the iceberg

Exciting stuff.

Rest assured we’re already working on and developing just such solutions.

Stay tuned.

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