Increased Business Development Starts with Accurate Business Intelligence

The tail that wags the dog. Any military commander will tell you that intelligence is probably the most significantly important tool they have when developing a winning strategy. Good intelligence helps, bad intelligence doesn’t.

Interestingly enough when we look at Marketing and Sales groups it is seldom Sales (the foot soldiers) who understand the value of business intelligence and how it can contribute to successful selling.

As a group Marketing certainly does … but in my experience they rarely make effective use of the valuable information they have at their fingertips.

Too few companies are willing to make a specific, sizeable investment in gathering business intelligence as a strategic tool in their sales and marketing arsenals.

Contrary to that lackadaisical attitude we at ETI take the business of intelligence gathering very seriously.  We have long learned that there is always an opportunity to garner something of value during every business conversation.

We have also learned that such business information (intelligence) can be a key element in our success in the initial task of targeting and qualifying sales leads as definite and worthy new customers for clients.

And how our clients’ sales force can use this information in their presentations aimed at converting prospects to new customers. 

Business intelligence is too wide a subject to be classified into a handful of columns/titles in the database.  On the contrary it is the cumulative knowledge of what we know about the prospect and his needs.  Some intelligence is gathered simply by engaging in an interactive discussion. Or through the electronic communication behavior of prospects (.e.g, what links they clicked, or which web pages they visited, and the white papers they requested etc.) 

It’s the ability of a business development solution provider like ETI to deliver a 360 degree of data to empower your sales people to know how they should approach each prospect or customer. 

To see a demonstration of how we achieve this result please call Shelley Sachs, ETI Global VP of Marketing, at 1.800-466.4384. Select option 1.

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