Is your channel partner selling your solution or someone else’s?

Are you confronted with a situation where a channel partner, who sells your solution as well as that of the competition's is favoring the competition? This happens all the time.

To help gain the upper hand, companies constantly come up with incentives to build direct relationships with channel partner sales people.  Relying on this strategy, however, leaves you at the whim of the channel's sales staff.  That’s not the best position to be in.

The most effective way to win consistently is to ensure you engage with the end user directly, and making sure that, when they’re ready to buy, your solution will be preferred.

That’s where an effective, ongoing lead generation effort focusing on your best targeted prospects comes in. By developing an organized ongoing lead generation effort you will achieve the following:

  • You'll build trust
  • You'll ensure that those involved in decision making are familiar with your solution and how it can best meet their needs
  • You'll lay the groundwork for the prospect to understand that your solutions is the best fit
  • You'll help promote your brand as the industry leader

When you build and nurture personal relationships consistently over time you’ll find that when prospects are ready to buy (i.e., to effect change) your company will be top of mind, the first to receive the call.

It’s an investment well worth making, and one that over time will beat the competition hands down.

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