Partnering Business Developers (BDs) with Sales

Experience shows that the relationship between Business Developers (BDs) and the sales people who ultimately are our primary constituents is very important to the success of a business development effort.  A basic element in this relationship is the need to foster bi-directional communication as a regular discipline. Remember, the goal is not to hand off a qualified lead or set appointments and let you battle it out on your own.  The BD team (at eti) is in your corner because they share a collective responsibility to see that every sales opportunity represents real potential.

The identification of new sales opportunities is not what defines our success; it is the generation of more revenue and an ROI that justifies a long standing partnership. You want to be sure, therefore, that you get everything you need to enable the opportunities that are handed off to your sales team to be as strong as possible.

We know full well that the sales opportunity pipeline (and the prospect pipeline) is a fluid, dynamic process.  At eti, this understanding is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

Therefore  . . .

  1. When you have a question or concern, please call us to discuss.
  2. When you need more information about an opportunity we have identified, let us know.  We’ll call the prospect again to obtain what you need to move the opportunity forward.
  3. If you want anyone else on the prospect side to be in on an appointment, tell us, and we will work to arrange that.
  4. If you have had an initial call with a matching prospect not yet ready to engage or buy, and want us to take back the opportunity to nurture and move it further along, our BD team is ready and willing to do so.
  5. Our BDs will not be too shy to call you if they need clarification in order to move a prospect forward, or see an opportunity to brain storm prospect-specific next step strategies.
  6. Your success is our success and we will do whatever it takes to make us both successful.

We at ETI have no desire to be your “vendor.”  We will work much harder and smarter to earn the status of “partner.”

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