Telephone fairs well in media comparisons

There’s an interesting article in the July edition of B2B Magazine titled ‘Use of Digital Media Rising’ by Carol Krol. The writer focuses on the findings in “The Integrated Marketing Media Mix” report published June 2008, by the Direct Marketing Association’s. It’s the first report of its kind undertaken by the trade association .


dma media analysis

Two items are noteworthy:

  •  DMA’s research shows telephone usage ranking 6th out of the 18 media listed, with 31.9% of companies employing this medium in their integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Based on the aspect of media efficiency, email ROI returned 100% more than the revenue share (1.93) relative to its share of budget.  Only telephone did better than average in the offline media, at a 1.20 share.

Although these numbers are great I suspect the email media effeciency ratings do not take into account the cost of lead qualification from email generated inquiries so it may be that telephone (which would already include these costs)  comes out even higher than email.  In fact I’m pretty sure that would be the case.


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