Using Live Chat for B2B Lead Generation part 2

Back in April we first discussed an exciting ETI client initiative exploring the effectiveness of fielding B2B Live Chat discussions for the purpose of driving highly qualified sales opportunities into the sale opportunity pipeline. We’re delighted to report that the pilot campaign was so successful that it is being rolled out to other departments and product groups.

Here are 5 pointers to ensure success of B2B Live Chat for lead generation/lead qualification purposes:

  1. Understand that Live Chat is a dialogue just like a phone call.  Pre-set responses can increase productivity only if used properly. It’s important to be sure the response fits the question, rather than just picking the one that comes closest.  When the dialogue is focused on content and understanding the needs and pain of the prospect, then communication is highly effective which will result in more qualified leads.
  2. Make sure you screen out those ‘chatters’ who do not have needs for your products and or solutions.  Anyone requiring technical support or customer service should be routed to the correct department quickly and efficiently.  Make sure your team know how to recognize these contacts and that they have a good understanding of the inner workings of your organization.
  3. Because this is a dialogue, make sure the Business Developer can respond quickly and efficiently too each post by the prospect.  There is nothing more frustrating for a prospect than posting a question or comment and having to wait several minutes for someone to respond.
  4. As in any sales call one should always be moving the relationship toward greater levels of engagement.  In the case of Live Chat, that means moving the chat to a phone conversation.
  5. Your brand is important, make sure the chat helps build it:
  • Be respectful of the prospect.
  • React to their needs and interests rather than pushing your agenda.
  • Articulate responses in proper English.  Spelling and grammar does count.
  • Be polite and take no short cuts.

To learn more about smart B2B live chat please call us at 800.466.4384 (914.747.3030)  to discuss further.

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