What percentage of leads are being lost?

Recently, I was at Dreamforce 06, Salesforce.com’s conference in San Francisco - truly an energizing event with lots of buzz and opportunity to convert and be converted. I learned a lot too - including why General Colin Powell was appropriate as a keynote speaker (and not for selling us on what may come to mind). Anyhow, here are three significant take-aways:-

1. 94 % of all (inbound) leads end up in the bin.

2. Nearly half of buyers start looking before they have a confirmed budget or a time-frame.

3. 4 out of 5 leads are never contacted by Sales – yes never!

Sound like Sales bashing? Well, it shouldn’t be. Sales are the people we all rely on to close sales and bringing in the $$. Sales should not be tasked to, nor should they have the time to follow up on unqualified leads.

So, the question is, if you know that most of the leads are not being contacted, is your company’s OK with not following up on leads? If not, why aren’t they ensuring 100% follow up and lead qualification prior to passing these to Sales?

Is it worth it? You bet! If people took time to respond to your marketing, there’s something only a contact call can reveal. So please don’t prejudge leads – lead qualification will put the $$ into your pipeline and maximize sales productivity.

Michael Mande

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