Case Study: Hospital ER Management Company


Company providing outsourced Hospital ER and Hospitalist solutions seeking to drive new sales, increase sales lead pipelines and gain a better understanding of its market.

Campaign strategy:

Deploy highly focused Tele-prospecting effort to generate interest and set appointments with qualified stakeholders and decision makers.

Additionally, profile each hospital in order to ascertain its specific makeup (challenges, needs and pain points) as well as to gain a better understanding of the market in general.

Profile elements include:

  • Key decision makers/stakeholders
  • Which hospitals currently outsource
    • Competitive landscape
  • Which would/might consider outsourcing
  • Volume of ER traffic

Target market:

Acute care facilities in the US


  • Moving hospitals from the incumbent provider is very difficult
  • Our Client needed a partner that could promote their brand and deliver the value proposition successfully
  • Nurturing and staying in touch with a large number of prospects with a small sales team

ETI’s Solution:

  • Outbound  teleprospecting effort to identify and generate qualified leads for the sales force.
    • Build and manage a Sales Opportunity Pipeline
    • Gather profiling information
    • Set appointments
    • Distribute leads according to predefined geographic territories
    • Provide a platform to track all activity and results - in real time
    • Provide consolidated market intelligence based on the prospect hospitals engaged with


  • 16% of target list converted to Appointments and or Follow Ups and  passed to the designated sales person
  • An additional 17.5% of target list identified as having longer term potential
  • Key criteria captured to match target profile
  • Verification of key stakeholders
  • 7.5% of contacts provided outdated
  • ETI identified on average an additional 2.5 new stakeholders / decision makers to the database per hospital
  • Competitive business intelligence
  • Focused market intelligence
    • Provided analysis (real time survey tabulations) on some 20 survey questions

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhanced the client’s brand as a result of direct, professional and detailed consultative dialogues with the stakeholders most impacted.  
  • Increased client’s sales productivity by focusing the efforts of sales assets on prospects with need and pain and an environment in which there is a willingness to consider a change in the incumbent way of doing business.
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