Sales Lead Management

How Effectively Are You Managing Your Valuable Leads?

Know Your Cost of Leads

Only you know how much it costs your company to generate profitable sales leads. The emphasis here is on profitable - because not all sales leads are profitable. Nor do they each cost the same. However, they represent good money you’ve spent to buy more sales opportunities for your sales force. To acquire new customers and to increase your revenue stream.

Every Lead a Sales Opportunity

Of course not all sales leads are born equal. They come in many shapes and sizes. From advertising, trade shows, seminars, direct mail, telemarketing, and other promotions. Each lead costs you, and someone in your organization is comparing cost with revenue generated. Leads are front end costs - revenues the back end result.

Effective Lead Qualification Essential

Generating a lead is of course the first step. Its purpose is to turns leads into prospects. And prospects into customers ­ hopefully lifelong customers.All leads must be qualified whether we like it or not. The most effective way is to outsource to an experienced sales support agency with a history of sales qualification success. Without false modesty, ETI is such an agency.Some companies believe they can avoid the cost of qualification by turning the leads over to individual salespersons. But that’s a poor solution. For now the salesperson will have to spend time on the phone doing a job for which he is unqualified, and whose time is far more costly.

Prior Knowledge is Sales Power

If there are companies which still send their salespersons to make a personal appearance before unqualified prospects, why that’s the most expensive method of lead qualification there is. For you can’t just come in and start selling. For starters you have to be sure he’s not already a customer and that he is the decision maker. And, as any experienced salesperson knows, one needs a lot more information about a company to judge how to make an informed presentation. Prior knowledge is sales power.In general, most salespeople focus their time and energy on presentations with near-term potential. For the simple reason these companies are the ones with the greatest promise of generating immediate sales and commissions.

Management Must Manage Leads

While many opportunities require immediate follow through (and the sooner the better!) others require follow up in a month, six months or even a year. Salespersons without the support structure to manage and control future sales appointments may permit many of these qualified opportunities to gather dust and die. A program of keeping in touch to demonstrate your continued interest is very much recommended.

Managing All Your Needs

That’s why ETI’s lead management solution — continually honed, improved and upgraded to meet the needs of a wide range of clients positions us with the leaders. We have many years of hands-on success managing leads for sales reliant companies. As a result, we say, without equivocation, that — if you generate sales leads for conversion by your direct or indirect sales force, channels, VARs or distributors — eti’s lead management system will guard the value of every sales opportunity. ETI’s Lead Management System will do everything you need, and much more than you might expect. It’s there for you. Ready and waiting. It’ll start reporting to you from day one. From that day forward you’ll be able to answer YES to each and every one of the questions posed below.

Questions that need answers

  • Do you know exactly, at any time, what happened to each sales lead you distributed ? To every salesperson or salesforce, VAR, channel partner, distributor? To every office in the U.S.? Worldwide? Last month? Last quarter? Last Year? Year before?
  • Do you know exactly How much each sales lead cost?
  • Per ad source/media?
  • Per vertical?
  • Per partner?
  • Per salesperson?
  • Per geography?

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Feedback is the crucial element to successful lead tracking. Yet there are many salespersons, both in your direct and indirect sales forces who don’t take kindly to disciplined feedback. As a result, they don’t provide the necessary status or progress reports on each sales lead for which they are responsible.The consequence of this ill-discipline is that no system will work for you. At exceedingly high price to the company. For new leads are the lifeblood of business. And since you’ve already incurred the high cost of generating and qualifying the leads, it is intolerable to lose the immediate and future business they represent. For when you do you also lose the rewards of lifetime sales. Worse, you aid the competition.Your management’s commitment and eti’s experience will solve the problem.


“Here are some numbers that speak to the wonderful job you all are doing with project ‘X’!!! (Name withheld.) In the area of Signed Accounts the team has signed 24 accounts with a total volume of $9.965M. WOW!!!! On top of that you are reporting 369 accounts in your pipeline.”

Sales Director Business Division of Major Financial Services Company

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