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Lead Generation, Lead Qualification and other sales support programs; Actual Client challenges and successes – ROI driven and measurable results.Here you can review the business challenges; demand generation and inquiry follow up strategies and solutions that have been successful in gaining significant customer and overall sales growth. We present insights applicable to growing sales in business to business focused organizations. We share client case studies in Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharma, Financial and broader Service Solution verticals.

Integrated Lead generation / Qualification /Nurturing effort for Fortune 500 technology client

Our Client a Fortune 500 high tech manufacturer offering a range of automation solutions with applications offered to verticals including manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and hospitality.

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Inquiry Management, Lead Qualification effort to maximize Inquiry to Lead conversion for Global technology client

Inbound inquiries from high traffic web landing pages were not being managed and the lost opportunity cost was largely unknown. Follow-up was typically “cherry picking” at best. Within weeks of engaging ETI for lead follow up and qualification, it was determined that inquiries could be better channeled and tiered, building a growing sales opportunity pipeline. This enabled a significant focus to follow up on inquiries diligently in a live call and create significant business opportunities.

Overall program presented ROI of 45 to 1.

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Identifying Sales Ready Prospects to Maximize Sales Productivity for High Technology Manufacturer

Sales teams were the front-line response to inbound inquiries. Little was known about follow up activity and related sales and campaign results. By removing the front-end lead qualification responsibility from Sales, their productivity was increased significantly. The success of the program enabled it to grow more than five fold from inception.

Overall ROI was $88 to $1 invested. 

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Teleprospecting and Appointment Setting Effort for World Leading Financial Services Company

A global financial services company engaged ETI Sales Support to develop and execute a comprehensive lead generation, qualification and appointment-setting program to capture greater market share for their corporate expense management solutions. While the company had a dominant market share in the industry, it had been ineffective at mapping and targeting new prospect companies to support their team of more than 125 sales people in North America.The ETI solution provided them with a steady, predictable flow of qualified sales opportunities as well as a systematic methodology for tracking every opportunity and evaluating sales force effectiveness. With ETI's help, they were able to build a growing sales pipeline from both inbound lead qualification and outbound lead generation activities that resulted in more than $1 billion in total annual revenue - $400 of revenue for every $1 of project spend!

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Building a Sales Lead Pipeline For Company Providing Rich Media Management and Video Analytics Solutions

This client's sales force was overwhelmed managing near term prospects, especially as interest and demand for the company's offerings began to grow dramatically. Thus, they had very limited bandwidth to spend the time needed to generate and cultivate new sales opportunities. The client elected to outsource the front-end lead generation function using two competing models.The client engaged a "pay for performance" company to arrange appointments for their sales team (low hanging fruit) and compared their results to ETI's longer-term, systematic business development approach - building and nurturing a growing pipeline of new sales opportunities, and delivering only those that were fully qualified to the sales team. Within six weeks, ETI's approach gave evidence of significantly greater ROI and they discontinued the services of the competitor.

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B2B Outbound Lead Generation Effort For Call Center Monitoring Software Solutions Provider

The client sells their call center software solutions via both a direct sales force and channel partners. They needed a lead generation/qualification program that was capable of supporting automated multi-tiered distribution across segmented markets based on both geography and prospect size. ETI undertook a program of outbound cold calling to generate and qualify new sales opportunities for both the direct sales force and the channel partners. Within the first 90 days, $250,000 in sales had closed, providing an ROI of over 5 times the initial investment. Moreover, potential opportunities worth more than triple the booked sales revenue remained in the prospect and sales pipelines that had been built and cultivated during that initial period.

Teleprospecting and Appointment Setting Program for Systems Integrator - DSD / Route Accounting Solutions Provider

The client, a channel partner for a fortune 500 company sells solutions for the DSD and Route Accounting market.

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Healthcare Lead Generation Program selling into Hospitals

Initiative to explore if one large sales success in the healthcare systems market could be duplicated within the vertical as a whole.

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Hospital ER Management Company

Company providing outsourced Hospital ER and Hospitalist solutions seeking to drive new sales, increase sales lead pipelines and gain a better understanding of its market.

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