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The client’s inside sales force was charged with cold call lead generation and qualification, in addition to performing product demonstrations to further qualify prospects. As the volume of activity increased, the inside sales force became overloaded, their quality suffered, as did their productivity. The client chose to outsource some of this function as opposed to hiring more full time employees to address their needs to:

  1. Increase the qualified leads distributed to their outside sales force
  2. Build a sales opportunity pipeline to continually yield sales results
  3. Offload the inside sales force’s workload to stabilize their focus and their success


Two vendors were hired for a 3 month pilot project to cold call a list of prospects, qualify leads and schedule a demo or face to face appointment. This size pilot is an effective length to assess the results in terms of (a) short term opportunity and (b) seeing the longer term pipeline build. Only qualified leads were distributed to the inside and outside sales forces based on the prospects needs.eti Sales Support’s project cost was based on a set-up up fee and hourly rate for calling: 3 month, 600 calling hour pilot project, calls split between the US at 60% and Europe at 40%. Custom Call guides were developed and parameters for a “qualified lead” were developed with the client. Due to eti’s solid technology platform, the appointment progress and pipeline information were available to eti, the client and the outside sales force 24/7. Vendor B’s project costs was based on a “per-appointment-set” fee with agreement on the level of qualification for each appointment. While a “pay for performance” perspective is very appealing, ultimately Vendor B’s cost per appointment was higher than eti’s, when comparing the quality of leads generated.

Two weeks into the project, Vendor B had set up significantly more appointments than eti, although ETI was on target against their projected progress at that point in time. Half way through the 3-month project, however, the sales force’s experience with Vendor B’s appointments was very disappointing. The quality of the appointment and fit to the clients products and services was not nearly as good as promised.

Results and Impact:

  1. Half way through the project, Vendor B’s project was cancelled and the remaining budget was moved to eti’s project.
  2. eti’s efforts resulted in 10% of the prospective companies called resulted in a qualified lead.
  3. Based on the quality leads received, and sales forces’ great satisfaction with the leads produced, the client has committed to a long term relationship with ETI Sales Support at 300+ calling hours per month.
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