Case Study

Business To Business Teleprospecting Case Study For Leading Systems Integrator for the DSD Route Accounting Market


  • Channel Partner was looking to expand their presence in the DSD / Route Accounting space.
  • The client has excellent brand recognition and has technology solutions which enable their intellectual property to be applied to enterprise networks. While their technology offers great potential and advantageous cost structure, the client was entering a market dominated by several large global competitors with a history of deep inroads in that sector of the enterprise market.
  • Client did not invest significantly in actively marketing or advertising the product, relying mainly upon word of mouth, publicity and occasional conferences.


eti participated with client in designing an outbound teleprospecting campaign to target larger companies, each with a fleet of 50 trucks or more. The primary objective was to maximize sales force productivity by identifying and targeting high value sales lead opportunities. The campaign plan required ETI

  • to initiate a consultative dialog emphasizing the client’s strengths in the marketplace. (This encompassed the mobility needs of the delivery fleet, its maintenance and warehousing requirements.)
  • to engage prospects ins a dialog to identify prospects' needs for an integrated solution inclusive of

...improved tracking capability, ...signature capture, ...proof of delivery ...integration with ERP, CRM and Supply Chain Systems


  • Decision to engage ETI in an outbound teleprospecting program
  • Channel Partner and ETI engage in pre-launch strategy meetings
  • Call guide was developed in conjunction with the Channel Partner
  • ETI's Business Development Team briefed by the Channel Partner goals and solution sets
  • Initial list received and prospecting begins
  • Prospecting suspended (at eti’s initiative) due to poorly compiled list (client provided)
  • List improved by Channel Partner
  • Channel Partner updates and improves list
  • Prospecting is resumed
  • Bi-weekly reviews with the Channel Partner initiated to appraise progress.


Systematic prospecting effort was undertaken reaching deep into needs of each prospect company. Prospects were profiled to gain a realistic understanding of who the genuine constituents/decision makers would be and their needs and pain points.When a prospect who met the client’s strict criteria was identified, an appointment for a sales representative was scheduled by the ETI BD. Long term opportunities and circumstances that required client input were also delivered via the ETI Client Portal. The campaign was spread over a number of weeks to increase the ability of eti’s Business Developers to maximize the sales lead pipeline and to learn from client’s sales force suggestions to improve results. All data from every prospect interaction were recorded and stored in a real time marketing database for analysis and review.


ETI enabled client to have real time visibility via a secured portal on all campaign aspects as the project progressed. (All ETI reporting is done in real time). Some of the utilities provided included:

  • Activity and Results Dashboard,
  • Real-Time survey tabulations (of lead qualification data),
  • Lead Assignment dashboards - with drill down to each sales opportunity profile,
  • Lead Tracking reporting (full suite)
  • and much more.

Note: ETI reporting is role based and allocated via a password controlled Portal.


Outbound Tele-prospecting
  • 216 targeted prospect companies engaged in dialog.
  • 34 near-term sales opportunities identified.
  • 18 companies with marketing potential for the future were identified.
Revenue Potential Identified
  • $4.0+ million in clients' sales pipeline.
  • Investment of $12,500.
  • ROI of dollars in the pipeline over $300 : 1.


  • Significant data acquisition: Decision makers, key contacts and Influencers, Competitive business intelligence, Focused market intelligence.
  • Enhanced client brand and product awareness.
  • Increased client sales productivity by focusing the efforts of sales assets on prospects identified as meeting agreed level of need and pain./li>


“I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of work and the professionalism that I have received from you and your team. I have been in the industry for over 20 years and I am not a big fan of calling campaigns. But this experience has changed my mind because of the success we have had with about 35 new opportunities.I also appreciated the way the campaign was run. When we first started the list we provided had some problems with it and you brought it to our attention before we headed too far down the road. We revised the list per your suggestion and the campaign took off. It was also a big help to have email and conference call updates on the campaign which gave us all a chance to review the results as it went along.”

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