Our State of the Art Technology

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ETI's technology platform leading edge applications provide the foundation for integrating all your processes and databases of sales lead generation, lead qualification, lead management, and sales lead pipeline activities. Whether it's Opportunity Reporting, Campaign Management and Executive level Dashboards or our dynamic integration tools with your internal systems and applications via CRM/API's, XML feeds or plain ASCII delimited downloads, our technology platform and expertise is second to none in our industry!

ETI's Sales Prospecting Technology

Unique "Bubble up Technology"

Using our own proprietary (tagging) algorithm, ETI "bubbles up" those prospects that are more likely to become opportunities. This unique technology will accelerate the process of moving those prospects further down the funnel in a shorter time span thereby shortening sales cycles.Results from this activity will increase by as much as 5-20% (over time).

Solid Foundation

  • Oracle relational database; powerful database management abilities
  • Innovative and robust Sales Force Management tools
  • Closed loop approach to Lead Management, Distribution and Control
  • Complete transparency to clients, partners, and sales teams

Campaign / Inquiry Management and Analysis

Platform allows clients to manage the entire inquiry flow from the top of the funnel, though a structured opportunity identification process (including comprehensive nurturing capabilities) through to conclusion. (Closed loop approach)

Web Enabled and Globally Available CRM / PRM tools

  • Integration with your internal system(s) and best of breed CRM / PRM / ERP / SFA systems
  • Dynamic interactive call guides
  • “Up to the Second” access to all relevant and relationally linked data
  • Comprehensive and flexible management reporting

Maximizing Sales and Marketing Productivity

  • Lead Management, Distribution and Control
  • Complete transparency to management, partners, marketing and sales teams.

Expertise and Support

  • Unique team of business and technical skills to easily customize to client requirements
  • Rapid ramp-up capabilities


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