Real Time Reporting & Analytics

ETI provides a unique set of dynamic reporting tools that will give you a 360 degree view of your sales and marketing activities. From a macro view (Executive Level Dashboards) down to unique record drilldowns (Opportunity Dashboards), ETI offers a reporting solution that meets most B2B sales support requirements. Custom reporting tools can also be developed when needed.

Real Time Reporting includes:

  • Lead Generation Activity and Result Dashboards (project based)
  • Marketing Campaign Analytics
  • Media Source Analysis by marketing channel and or List Analysis
  • Marketing Campaigns ROI analysis
  • Target markets Survey Tabulations - Custom Market Intelligence & related Metrics.
  • Sales Lead Tracking and Sales productivity reporting
  • And many more sales and marketing tools to grow your sales.
Note:  Deck is only available to companies with an interest in ETI's solutions.
Real Time Web Analytics