i*Collaborator: ETI's Customer Relationship Management System

How ETI's CRM system evolved.

Almost from the beginning of ETI's outbound telemarketing service (1987), we observed that while we consistently delivered high quality prospects to our clients, salespersons did not convert enough prospects to customers. Sales pipelines were non-existent or ill managed. Follow through was inconsistent. Feedback was infrequent. Leads were mishandled. Many were lost. We soon concluded it essential for ETI to become more involved in clients' sales problems. There was a need to help sales management organize the control of their precious sales leads more efficiently. In fact, we would need to offer support to clients and their salespersons - to ensure more leads would be converted to sales - and more new customers acquired. We had to change our mission from making effective phone calls to helping clients maximize sales and increase the number of customers. Such a mission would more profitably impact the clients' bottom line. And, by no means incidentally, ours too.

Problem Solving Strategies

Our first automated program - Sales Lead Management - came on stream in 1990. Followed rapidly by additional applications such as Lead Tracking, Distribution and Control, Appointment Scheduling, Relational Databased Marketing. 'To Do' scheduling and 'Just-in-Time' delivery of sales leads into an organized sales pipeline were added before long.

Upgrading and Innovation

ETI continues to incorporate client needs and recommendations. Seeking, by upgrading and innovation, to meet clients' needs and challenges by continually evolving it's system. To the extent that today i*collaborator comprehensively supports special applications such as . .

  • Sales Lead Generation and Qualification
  • Sales Lead Distribution and Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Partnership Relationship Solutions
  • Channel Recruitment Solutions
  • Registrations and Events Management.
  • Closed Loop Relational Databased Marketing

Empowers Sales Force to Excel at Selling

i*Collaborator can be used by senior management, direct or indirect sales forces, telesales, field sales, accounting, customer service, technical support, business partners, resellers- whomever is connected. i*Collaborator is a very effective sales opportunity management system.

It helps separate suspects from prospects and rates qualified prospects for prioritized follow through.

It enables the sales force to excel at making more sales,easier, faster and more economically. It allows sales management to organize and track all information relevant to each sales opportunity. i*Collaborator empowers approved salespersons to access data relating to their assigned leads. It also helps companies retain existing customers and to maximize repeat business from this important, highly cost-effective, market segment.

Enhanced business intelligence

i*Collaborator programs include a set of comprehensive management,lead management, lead tracking, and lead distribution tools. The underlying database it produces is comprehensive and fully relational. It permits multi-client and multi-project applications and provides greater user flexibility and cooperation.

Even though different departments/groups use the system for differing purposes, all operations are carried out on the same platform. This underlying principle permits all data to be available to all system users in real-time. Clients can monitor,access and exert direct managerial control over all aspects of sales productivity. The customer database generated greatly aids the planning and production of your customer cultivation and loyalty programs. Its regular use leads to an unprecedented level of shared, in-company business intelligence. i*Collaborator has been extremely well received by ETI clients.

For the past several years we have seen abundant evidence of its ability to help increase sales productivity and bottom line performance for our clients. (Increasingly hi-end, hi-tech.)

35 Point Applications Review

Here is a by-no-means-complete summary of i*Collaborator capabilities:

Sales Opportunity Management - 7 Applications

  1. Manages and controls your pipeline of sales lead opportunities
  2. Allows viewing of all contact and sales activity/inactivity for every customer and prospect
  3. Qualifies prospects in terms of propensity to purchase
  4. Provides fast access to all relationally linked data
  5. Expedites recording and fast retrieval of open-ended comments
  6. Provides ever-ready ability to add and change prospect profiles and related information
  7. Permits response analysis of all information in fixed fields, by any combination of fixed fields.

Closed Loop Marketing - 7 Applications

  1. Builds and maintains a fully relational customer and prospect database.
  2. Manages and tracks progress on every sales lead in the pipeline from receipt and distribution, to final result.
  3. Qualifies prospects in terms of propensity to purchase.
  4. Rates and prioritizes qualified sales opportunities for sales force or channel follow up.
  5. Instantly retrieves dynamic accumulation of statistical results.
  6. Encourages competitivecomparisons.
  7. Records prices and quotes.

Media Management - 6 Applications

  1. Manages media schedules
  2. Analyzes response from all media
  3. Organizes on-line interactive call guides and unlimited branching for in-house telemarketing (outbound/inbound)
  4. Provides utilities for bulk fax and e-mail communications
  5. Controls individual,personalized fulfillment
  6. Prepares mailing lists for targeted direct mail, e-mail or fax

Inquiry and Registration Management - 3 Applications

  1. Manages sales-centered inquiries from every medium
  2. Manages all sales centered email inquiries and web registrations
  3. Manages seminar, exhibition and convention registrations

Outbound Telemarketing - 5 Applications

  1. Manages the outbound telemarketing operation
  2. Facilitates unlimited branching for both outbound and inbound telemarketing
  3. Controls the operation of on-line interactive call guides
  4. Records all sales and orders received
  5. Controls personalized fulfillment in support of media and telemarketing campaigns.

Operational Benefits - 7 Applications

  1. Same day installation.
  2. Requires no compatibility with your current hardware.
  3. Can be used by disparate individuals, groups, departments, divisions, anytime, from anywhere.
  4. Provides a common platform for inter and intra company collaboration.
  5. Multi-project, multi-client.
  6. Minimal training needed.
  7. Extremely user-friendly.


Our kind of customer service . . . “I put a note in the record and within an hour received a call from D.K. I was so impressed with her responsiveness.D. had called the client and rescheduled the meeting immediately.She explained she understood the importance of my time and made an additional call to the client to qualify them so my time wouldn’t be wasted. She followed up with me directly.This kind of service is above and beyond. That’s what I call customer service.”

Senior Sales Rep Fortune 1000 Company
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