How to generate leads your salesforce will love

In the same way a climber ascending Mount Everest needs oxygen to get to the top, every business needs new customers to stay in business. To progress and grow, to become a bigger player in the field. Without enough oxygen to sustain his efforts, the climber will falter and fail. Without new business, falling sales may eventually affect your prospects of business growth or staying the course.

The ups and downs of generating B2B sales leads


Because companies often deploy erratic campaign driven sales lead generation efforts there are enormous peaks and valleys that the sales person encounters. So with every campaign you get an exciting but short spike in the number of inquiries (B2B sales leads) and then things drop off until a new campaign gets off the ground. (See our related white paper entitled Campaign Marketing Myopia.)In cases where the sales people are left to their own devices to develop new business, they too will develop a few sales opportunities … sell (and or lose) along the way and then start again. ETI’s approach to building Business to Business(B2B) sales leads is different. Our solution is to develop a constant well planned ongoing sales opportunity pipeline that will continuously put your highly paid sales team in front of prospects that have the need, the pain, the decision making authority and the budgets to purchase your products, solutions or services in the short term.

How do we build a sustainable sales pipeline for your sales force?

Strategic planning and value proposition messaging

At the outset we work with you to develop an understanding of your offering, target markets and unique value proposition, so that we can convey it expertly and succinctly on your behalf. We begin by completing detailed briefings that are designed to focus on aspects of your business that define the business development and lead qualification processes that are critical to building your sales pipeline. We also engage in detailed discussions to review carefully your current sales and marketing strategies, processes, collateral material and any relevant prior experience.

Database driven marketing

An integral part of the process will be to create a database infrastructure so that the entire business process is data based driven. ETI’s client database and multi tenant marketing system provides an environment whereby all marketing and sales development operations and activities are integrated - from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom and through the sales ready leads and ultimately the sales.

Target Market lists and or Inquiry Management and Control

An effective sales lead generation effort requires a high quality list of target prospects and relevant decision makers is critical to the success of your program. This relates to both the organizations that are named as well as the decision maker contacts and their titles. ETI will work with you to target the market, identify, segment and select the best data sources – including but not limited to your own in house lists and data.TV and radio require interested prospects to email, phone or write. The web encourages email inquiries though there is resistance to prospects completing detailed data forms. Companies are especially reluctant - they don't want to expose themselves to spam and junk email. This fact turns out to be.

Inquiry response management and lead follow up and qualification

ETI offers comprehensive process and systems for the handling of all inquiries created from your sales lead generation strategy. A sophisticated seamless process handling all inquiries and sales leads from campaign and source tracking, to lead follow up, lead qualification, lead management and business rules based lead distribution.

Team Communication and Collaboration

We have noted that the success of our programs are often affected by the relationship of our business development team and the field sales force. Our best practice is to have a collaborative, team environment built upon mutual respect and clarity of respective roles.

In Summary:

Generate Leads your sales force and management will love;

ETI provides a world class solution to develop your sales opportunity pipelines, enabling future revenue growth for your company.

Hi Team ETI,”We just ended a call with Univ. of XXX. This was a lead that we have been working since August 15 of last year. They have budget and will be purchasing an BBB for NNN I just sent them a quote for 60K! Jane, Bruce, has been terrific with this account. We did the initial demo, he did a Mock up and then several follow up items and we just presented to over 30 people. It is a go and yes Kris, I am pushing them to move it to this quarter. Thanks Rock Star Team!”Janna
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