Maximizing Sales Productivity


Great salespeople focus on near-term opportunities and on closing deals. Their success is in recognizing ripe opportunities when they see them. These same characteristics, however, can cause them to devalue longer term opportunities or even to cherry-pick the "hot" leads they somehow conclude are better, even without hard supporting evidence. So marketing spends many thousands of dollars to generate leads from a variety of channels and the salesforce follows up on only that segment that falls quickly to the bottom of the sales opportunity funnel.The gap between the leads marketing is generating and the limited number followed up by the salesforce is your sales opportunity pipeline - an extremely valuable asset. Most opportunities need to be nurtured to full maturity and contacted cyclically to ensure that your products and services are top of mind when the need arises. Awareness needs to be enhanced, interest in your offerings built, and the specific details of each prospect's pain needs to be detailed, captured, and quantified to support the selling process.

ETI Sales Support creates a custom solution for each client's sales organization, delivering the best of both worlds - enabling the salesforce to close ripe leads while assuring the sales opportunity pipeline is built, nurtured, and proactively managed to full maturity. The bottom line is that sales productivity is enhanced. ETI takes on those onerous activities that are our bread and butter and that salespeople hate - prospect, seek out, and create opportunity - and the salesforce focuses on what they do best - sell and close sales.

ETI's success in working with leading companies in a variety of industries is built upon three propositions:

1. Skilled and Experienced Business Development Staff

B2B telemarketing has an obvious advantage - a single targeted interview with the right decision-maker can simultaneously identify, qualify, and quantify a sales lead. No other channel can offer the same level of assurance that you are addressing the correct decision-maker. Moreover, a skilled and experienced business developer can interactively and immediately create that valuable first impression, build awareness, generate interest, and probe to uncover all of the critical details about prospect need that will facilitate the sales process.

During that same interview, a great deal of valuable ancillary information relative to a prospect company's needs and perception of your offerings can be compiled to aid in developing your go-to-market strategy. The right telemarketing approach can shorten the sales cycle, reduce the true cost-per-sale, and enrich the customer acquisition process.

The corporate offices of ETI Sales Support are in Westchester County, just north of New York City and home to many leading global corporations. This location offers ready access to a talented, college-educated, and business-experienced workforce.  We then supplement this with ETI's virtual operations we can leverage top talent nationwide (US based) to further support client requirements.

ETI business developers enjoy a median length of employment of 6 years as compared to the days and weeks that are characteristic of many call center organizations. The key to attracting and retaining both quality staff and clients is a simple equation: smart, experienced people need interesting work to be successful, and clients with complex selling propositions need smart, experienced people to deliver their message successfully.

2. Leading-Edge Technology and a 'Closed Loop Lead Management System'

It's impossible to manage the sales process, ensure compliance, and get the most out of leads generated for the salesforce without great technology and lead management systems. Based on an enterprise platform, ETI's state-of-the-art, Web lead management solution has evolved to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, selling directly or via sales channels. ETI's "just in time" Client Portal tools are robust, fully scalable, eminently customizable, and offer the capability to sustain sophisticated B2B programs that rely heavily on real-time client communication and the ability to capture, document, and report on the full range of business development activities. ETI's systems can complement, integrate, or even replace a client's own CRM, PRM, or SFA system and are available globally 24/7 via secure Internet connection. The system provides dynamic reporting and all the information you need to better manage your sales process and understand the ROI from your marketing investments. It lets you track in detail the progress ETI is making on your behalf - calling activity, call disposition, market insights, appointments, and prospect characteristics - providing the infrastructure to manage all opportunities from inception through the culmination of the selling process.

3. A True Partner With the Leadership, Insight, and Experience Necessary to Successfully Integrate Telemarketing, Marketing, and Sales Processes

Companies use call centers for anything from lead generation and qualification to customer support and account retention. The keys to success in these endeavors are smooth integration of the sales and marketing processes, endorsement by the salesforce, and a true commitment and partnership between sales and marketing. Naturally, this requires a great deal of experience, from both your team and that of your agency partner, to understand your business needs and marketing strategy, the sales process, and salesforce motivation. The leadership team at ETI Sales Support brings decades of experience in business-to-business sales, telemarketing, direct marketing, campaign management, and database marketing, as well as proven senior executive leadership and business development experience in the fields of financial services, health care, and technology. Most of the line managers began their careers "on the phone" and have intimate knowledge of the organization, systems, and culture that drives ETI's success.

This broad marketing, sales, and operational experience allows us to build partnerships - not vendor relationships - with our clients that involve us from the outset in everything from strategy development to process improvement. We take pride in our proactive role in advising our clients on how to improve their campaigns and overall results.

At the End of the Day It's Results That Count!

Regardless of your specific program needs, your goal is an increase in revenue via client acquisition and retention. With experience in a variety of industries with complex selling propositions, ETI Sales Support has the skills, technology, and experience to make it happen for your organization.

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