Surveys Done Right

Every opportunity to “touch” an existing customer or a prospective client offers the chance to extend your brand and the breadth of your relationship.

If that touch is warm and friendly and offers substance to the recipient, it has greater merit.

A survey, whether it’s for market research or customer satisfaction purposes, is a good example of a productive touch with added value.

But that’s not the way in which surveys are generally approached. More often, they consist of an impersonal phone call, filled with questions that aren’t relevant to the survey recipient and often perceived by them as an intrusion. They fail the “what’s in it for them” test.

Automated surveys, delivered via mail, email or Web pop up, are also commonly used. They offer a relatively low cost method of obtaining information and, handled sensitively, are not especially intrusive. The challenge they present is in the lack of reliability of the information gathered.

If you follow the “what’s in it for them” rule, then the bulk of respondents will be those who feel very strongly one way or another. Those in the middle simply won’t bother responding. Even when an incentive is offered, the silent majority will be significantly underrepresented in the sample.

When done the right way, a survey can be a great vehicle to grow relationships. A well-done survey offers clients and prospects a meaningful feedback loop to gain your attention and improve the relationship from their perspective. And it gives you valuable insight into how your constituents think and feel about you and uncovers ways in which you can deliver better service, products and solutions.

One key to success is to approach the survey in a consultative fashion, with sufficient structure to enable data capture, and enough leeway to enable your client or prospect to express the full range of their perceptions. In this way, you gain added value. For example, by better understanding the needs of your constituents, you also have a path to develop new products and services to help meet those needs.

A survey also offers an opportunity to enhance your company’s bond with them by making the touch a warm one, making them less vulnerable to a call from a competitor. You may even uncover some shortcomings in your relationship – perhaps an episode of bad service that can be detected early and rectified quickly.

And, by probing properly, you may uncover new sales opportunities that have recently emerged or were left on the table at the time of an initial sale. Using traditional and automated survey programs, the revenue producing opportunity is lost in its entirety. How many times have you heard from customers, “I wanted to buy more, but nobody contacted me?”

Using an ETI survey solution, you get the best of both worlds. A team of researchers with the talent and flexibility to work effectively in a consultative model and the intelligence and experience to take the conversation in the most productive direction to meet the needs of both parties.

Our survey solutions include:

  • Questionnaire design and on line setup
  • Calling and gathering responses from qualified participants
  • Web-based “smart” surveys to facilitate greater participation
  • Real-time integration of Web and phone survey data
  • Survey tabulations and analysis

Whether your need is for a market research survey to provide the basis for developing of new products or services, penetrating new markets or identifying trends, or a customer satisfaction survey to gauge your effectiveness in meeting your customer-focused goals, let ETI Sales Support provide a relationship building solution.

Our innovative survey approach will enable you to meet all of your survey objectives:

  • Deliver reliable and actionable data
  • Mitigate client attrition
  • Help strengthen and broaden your customer and prospect relationships, and
  • Identify any new sales opportunities that might otherwise have been lost.
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