What’s ETI’s “secret sauce?”

Sooner or later potential clients inevitably ask us to explain the reasons for our success.

They want to know . .

  • Why are ETI's results so much better?
  • Why can’t I do it in-house (better and/or cheaper)?
  • Why is ETI’s results better than its competitors?
  • What is ETI’s secret sauce?

Certainly these are fair questions to ask when you may be considering the selection of a partner or developing an in house capability to help your business maximize sales force productivity.

So we thought we’d share a list of some of the key ingredients that go into making eti’s solution extraordinary. Remember however, as with any recipe it’s your choice of ingredients and how you mix them - and in what quantities - that will determine whether the dish is truly special.


  • Established in 1987, ETI has exceptional sales support experience, providing effective solutions to a range of clients marketing regular and complex B2B products and services.


  • Extensive quality assurance systems
  • The capacity to gather detailed business intelligence and prospect profiles based upon precisely what you want to know about your market
  • Quality over quantity to ensure solid ROI (without false promises)
  • High standards - always promoting and positively representing your brand


  • Constant attention to detail
  • Proactive strategic guidance
    • Active engagement and guidance through what is typically a complex process
    • The work product, including detailed prospect profiles, is yours exclusively. You own that data. It is not shared, not sold.


  • Highly skilled, successful Business Developers.
    • Intelligent, articulate and business-savvy
    • Average tenure exceeds 3.5 years
    • College educated
    • Extensive business experience
    • Adept at navigating large organizations
    • Highly skilled and focused on relationship development
    • Keen understanding of the business needs of your prospects in virtually any field
    • Consultative dialogues (not scripted)
    • Gentle, yet assertive and persistent
    • Unique team-based approach
    • Specializing in complex B2B products/markets/applications (there’s nothing too complex or esoteric for us to handle)
    • Communicate and interact with C-level decision makers - every hour of every workdayTechnology


  • State of the art technology and systems that manage and control all aspects of production and implementation
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting dashboards that offer you extensive information and enhanced capacity to control the process and track results/outcomes
    • Web and App-based Client Portals
    • Role based
    • Complete transparency and visibility into every communication made on your behalf
    • Comprehensive Saleforce.com synchronization and integration
    • Compatible with many other CRM/PRM systems
    • Extensive integration with 3rd party applications (e.g. Salesforce.com and best of breed Marketing Automation Platforms)


So there you have the ingredients. Now all you need to do is put them all together and complete your recipe. But why bother? Save the time and effort (and the lost opportunity cost of potential failure) and come to the expert chefs at ETI for a perfectly cooked Sales Lead Generation and Qualification program.

Cheers! And happy cooking.

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