Why ETI Lead Qualification Services Increases Sales Productivity

Why salespersons hate unqualified leads

Advertisers have learned from experience that media generated leads are just the beginning of the sales process. They know that giving each rep 5 leads and sending them off with " go get 'em tiger" does not increase sales productivity. It reduces it.

For there is nothing more disheartening and demotivating to good salespeople,than sending them out on wild goose chases. There's nothing more costly than having salespersons make fruitless sales calls. The perception that most leads are a costly waste of time comes from those bad old days. Yet it is still widespread and comes could be the kiss of death for many a valuable sales lead. For when the salesperson has no other way to differentiate between good and bad leads, many may neither call on the good nor the bad.

Differentiating between good and bad leads

Though they may look alike, all sales leads are not created equal. They are not all good or all bad. Some will be worth millions. Some, hundreds of thousands. Some, thousands. And some won't be worth the paper they're written on. The only way to maximize returns on your marketing investments is to carefully distinguish between good leads and bad ones by a lead qualification process. This is a problem for management to resolve, not salespersons.

First priority - acquire information

The best practical solution is to have a live phone consultative interaction with each prospect. Because your first priority must be to acquire information that enables you to distinguish between sales opportunities. To rank them and to help reps prioritize their presentations. For when increased sales productivity is your objective, detailed advance intelligence becomes the source of increased sales power.The most important item of information is to identify and qualify the pain the prospect has and that your product/service can deliver a solution for their needs. You also need to understand the competitive landscape as well as the potential annual revenues the prospect may generate.You want to understand the decision making process and the prospects ultimate role in the purchasing decision. Then if all of the above are aligned, you want the prospect to say "Yes, let's arrange for an appointment."

Should you delegate - or do it in-house?

You have two choices.

You can do it yourself, or you can delegate to an experienced sales support company like ETI. If you do it yourself you have three other options. You can put your own sales reps on the phones. You can use other available staff.  Or you can go the whole hog: set up, staff, train and manage your own lead qualification department.

Making lead qualification the responsibility of sales reps is not recommended. Their time is too valuable to make these phone calls and they don't like doing this work. They are at their best and most productive for the company and themselves, in the face-to-face selling situation.

D.I.Y. a high cost proposition

Doing it yourself exposes management to a minefield of new managerial experiences . . . and a learning process that can prove more costly than you ever imagined. This is not to say that all in-house operations are inefficient. Many are just wonderful. But all have paid the inevitably high price for their learning experience. Plus the heavy costs of set-up, installation, staffing, training, hardware upgrading, software improvement, customization etc. A price too high for most and almost never justified for outbound telemarketers.

More to qualification than making phone calls

But, as you will discover, there's also more to qualifying sales leads than simply making phone calls. There's Sales Lead Management.There's Lead Tracking. And there's Database Management.

All are essential elements of a process, which begins with a lead . . . converts to selling a new customer . . . ends up as increased sales revenue . . . and contributes to a better bottom line.


“I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite some time to tell you how much I have appreciated our relationship and how gratifying it has been to work so closely with you.

“ETI’s understanding of the market dynamics within our industry had been incredibly useful ­ as can be seen by the new sales opportunities presented to us every couple of days.” New Business Development Manager
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