Dear Shelly,

We are a small, privately held, family-owned business based in Switzerland. We engineer and manufacture customized, highly sophisticated liquid and gas sampling systems that are used primarily as a solution for the most challenging liquid and gas chemical sampling applications.

Our initial attempt at penetrating North American markets was largely unsuccessful because, although we had far better technology than the competition, we were lacking the requisite marketing and sales infrastructure and skills. Eventually we set up a small sales office in the U.S. but didn't have sufficient resources to communicate with a large number of chemical manufacturers to identify qualified prospect companies.

We needed to find a partner organization with the capacity to understand our business vision and qualification criteria, represent our company with a high degree of professionalism, and engage with our prospective target market to help us build a solid and continuing lead pipeline. After an active search we discovered ETI Sales Support and we began to explore a partnership.

We were impressed with their approach, innovative thinking, and their educated, top notch business development personnel, all backed by sophisticated real-time technology. They set our expectations well, with the idea of not only developing well qualified sales opportunities, but also delivering substantive business and market intelligence and a growing prospect pipeline to serve our future growth.

It was also important that we find a partner that could work with our relatively small organization and give us full focus, dedication and attention even though we are not able to offer them a huge amount of business. Our investment in ETI's resources is considerable for a company of our size and, given their impressive client list, we did not wish to be a small fish in a big pond. Our experience to date has served to validate our choice of ETI as our partner.

Our initial setup process went smoothly, working hand in hand with ETI management. we were guided through the training process to enable us to deliver the information that would provide the right foundation for their team's success. Then ETI executed a soft launch to ensure things were working smoothly and pretty quickly delivered our first few leads. And they gave us the web-based tools to monitor our progress and communicate with them to achieve maximum success.

Soon after, our U.S. sales representative left the company and I had to take over primary responsibility for following up on ETI's leads. ETI was quick to my rescue. Knowing that I’d be unable to follow up diligently on all the qualified leads they identified, in the face of all my other duties, I asked them to help by gathering more technical information and taking the leads further into the sales cycle for me. Their business development team was able to shift on the fly and accommodate our needs, and they added a supportive technology solution to boot.

As our North American business continues to grow with ETI's help, we look forward to a long and mutually fruitful relationship that will grow our business and help ensure recognition of our brand as the primary solution for challenging sampling applications.

Name withheld

Vice President

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