Proactive business development process to build brand awareness


Dear Shelly,

As Marketing Manager for Carhartt’s flame-resistant brand, I was looking to develop a proactive business development process to build brand awareness of our Flame Resistant line of workwear and initiate substantive relationships with companies in the oil and gas industries that had a need for FR clothing. Our overall goal was to increase sales through our distributors and acquire enhanced business intelligence about the current practices and needs in that industry segment.

After a detailed search, we engaged ETI Sales Support to help us achieve those objectives. We were very quickly and pleasantly surprised by the results ETI obtained in just the first few months of the project. The quality of the leads was remarkable for an organization that wasn’t intimately familiar with the environment into which we were selling, and the background information and data provided was very high level.

Feedback from our lead sales rep was also very positive, and he too was surprised by the quality of the leads. In our business, it can take 6-18 months to close a sale, especially when our prospect companies have existing suppliers and contracts. Impressively, the work that ETI did in the first 90 days of the pilot was sufficient to demonstrate clearly the value of the pipeline that had been developed and the potential revenue of the sales that might close. As a result of the success of our initial pilot, we expanded the project to other geographic territories.

Overall, our experience in working with ETI as a business development partner more than met our expectations. Their exceptional team represents our brand with intelligence, honor and professionalism. They have been doing a wonderful job in introducing us to the market, raising awareness of our FR product line, and identifying and delivering to our sales team highly qualified sales opportunities. From pinpointing the right decision makers to gathering market intelligence, developing and maintaining a close rapport with our sales team, and helping us to grow our sales, we consider our engagement with ETI to be an unqualified success.


Name withheldCarhartt FR Marketing Manager

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