The following is a letter to Riki Olier, Vice President of ETI Sales Support Sales Support, from CIGNA Retirement & Investment Services:

Dear Riki,

I've been meaning to write this letter for quite some time - but as you are well aware, the days can get away from one quite rapidly. However, with a couple of years under our belt, I think it's time to let you know how gratifying it has been to work with ETI Sales Support so closely.

ETI's ability to understand market dynamics within our industry has been incredibly useful - as can be seen by the new opportunities provided every couple of days. Our sales force has steadfastly agreed that ETI Sales Support has provided excellent calling assistance.Your entire organization has consistently shown us dedication - from the calling group that speaks up when they need more product knowledge to the technology team's ability to make the system do anything we need it to. Your employee's ownership of their work is apparent in everyone I've talked to at ETI Sales Support - another reason why working with your organization has been so successful.

Sincerely yours,

Name and Position withheld

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