The following is a letter to Shelly Sachs, Vice President Business Development of ETI Sales Support Sales Support from Virage Inc.

Dear Shelly:

I just wanted to take the time to provide some feedback with respect to our relationship with ETI Sales Support and your terrific management and production team.

Earlier this year we began searching for an organization with whom we could partner on a global basis. We needed resources with intelligence and sophistication to communicate our complex selling proposition to high-level decision makers. These folks also needed the skills to navigate through the corporate structures to reach our target contacts, generate interest and provide us with qualified sales appointments. I am delighted that ETI has provided us with all of that and more.

Since we were looking for a large quantity of leads within a relatively short period of time, we tested your agency side by side for three months against another firm that would only charge us by the appointment (a tempting offer). While they may have set up more appointments for the sales force than ETI did in this short time-frame, many of the leads from this other company were not well-qualified and our sales force soon lost confidence in those opportunities and discontinued pursuing them. That's when we focused our full investment on your services, with the confidence that ETI could indeed help our growing company achieve its goals - building awareness and interest, identifying need and pain, qualifying and quantifying opportunities, nurturing and massaging longer term opportunities until ready, shortening our sale cycle (which is long and complicated), and giving us the best return on our investment. It didn't take us long to realize that we were dealing with a professional organization, committed to helping us reach our goals with the flexibility to meet our varying needs.

Everyone we've worked with, from the team in EMEA to the team at ETI USA, has always been responsive to our multi-faceted needs.

The team at ETI has enabled both our marketing and sales functions to better perform our primary roles. As a result, we have identified better qualified sales opportunities with real near-term potential and more sharply honed our go-to-market strategies, informed by the conversations your team has daily with the very decision makers we want to reach in the selling process. By using your resources at the front end, we have been able to redeploy ours more cost effectively. And we have built a collaborative, global sales support operation that operates seamlessly and cost effectively to support our field sales operations.

Thank you ETI!

Sincerely, Name and Title withheld

Virage, Inc.

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