The ETI Advantage

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Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing communication such as teleprospecting, telemarketing and telesales have an obvious advantage over other marketing methodologies.  A single interview with the right decision-maker can simultaneously identify, qualify, and quantify each sales opportunity. And when done right, the deliverables can be rich and varied. The right approach can shorten the sales cycle, reduce the cost-per-sale and enrich the customer acquisition process.

No other channel offers the same level of assurance that you are addressing the decision-maker. Our years if experience have shown that it can't be done in a scripted call. That mostly does not work in sophisticated and complex B2B environments. It requires a skilled and experienced business developer who can consultatively engage with a prospect to introduce your company - it's brand and solutions.

In creating that all important first impression, it is also essential to build brand and product awareness in the prospects mind while probing to uncover the critical details about his/her needs/pain and decision making considerations which then allow us to persuade the prospect to facilitate a sales process with your representative.

That same consultative conversation offers an opportunity to collect and compile a great deal of valuable ancillary information relative to a prospect company's needs and perception of your offerings.  These data can then be aggregated across all the target companies that are contacted to provide vital business intelligence that can assist in developing and revising your go-to-market strategy.


It's impossible to manage the sales process, ensure compliance and get the most out of sales leads generated for the sales force without great technology and lead management systems. Based on an enterprise platform, ETI's state-of-the-art, Web based lead management solutions have evolved to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, selling directly or via sales channels. Our "just in time" Client Portal tools are robust, fully scalable, eminently customizable, and offer the capability to sustain sophisticated B2B programs that rely heavily on real-time client communication and the ability to capture, document, and report on the full range of business development activities.

Our systems complement, integrate (or can even replace) clients own CRM, Partner Relationship Management or Marketin Automation Platforms (MAP's).  Specifically we integrate with most Industry standard CRM systems such as and Siebel Systems as well as Industry standard MAP systems such as Eloqua and Marketo.

Leadership, Insight and Experience

The leadership team at ETI Sales Support brings decades of experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales, teleprospecting, telemarketing, direct marketing, campaign management and database marketing. They have a rich background and proven senior executive leadership and business development experience in the fields of technology, financial services and health care. Most of our line managers began their careers "on the phone" and have intimate knowledge of the organization, systems and culture that drives ETI's success.

This broad marketing, sales, and operational experience allows us to build partnerships - not vendor relationships - with our clients that involve us from the outset in everything from strategy development to process improvement. We take pride in our proactive role in advising our clients on how to improve their campaigns and overall results. ETI has the capability to be a true partner to your company, with the leadership, insight and experience necessary to successfully integrate telemarketing, marketing and sales processes.

If you need a business development program that can provide

  • a predictable flow of qualified sales opportunities
  • a robust, professional solution that will represent you with that critical positive first impression - at least as well or better than your own employees
  • a comprehensive view of your target markets gathered from consultative conversations with just those decision makers with whom you need to communicate

Then ETI Sales Support has a business development solution for you.

At the end of the day what makes ETI different is results!

Regardless of your specific program needs, your goal is an increase in revenue via client acquisition and growth. With our broad experience in a variety of industries working with companies that have complex selling propositions, ETI Sales Support has the people, the skills, the technology and the experience to make it happen for your organization.

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